by Patricia Whitney
             In a brooklyn, New York brownstone, on a tree
lined street, a long time ago, there was magic between
a human little girl, named Lucy and her teddy bears.
The bears were gifts from her mom Rose, complete
with sewed outfits for every single bear.  The bears
would all come alive with only the human Lucy.
    Now, through the door, inside, down the stairs of the
Brooklyn brownstone the bears were covered inside
boxes, in the damp, dark, dusty basement.  Dusty,
even though grandma Rose had attempted to keep
everything there nice and clean by sweeping, until
she fell in the kitchen last month and now needed to
use a cane.  However, long ago, she had protected
the teddy bears by storing them inside the boxes, in
clear plastic bags with bright yellow ties.  The bears
were those of her daughter Lucy, who had played with
them all the time and the Lucy had grown up, married,
and moved away.  Still in other boxes were stored
plates and cups for picnics, a radio, a camera, and all
sorts of fun games.  The teddy bears all remained in
the basement covered, protected, and very lonely.
Down to the very last bear, they all missed Lucy.
   However, this day at a Brooklyn hospital, the rest
of the human family, which were Lucy, David, and
their daughter Sarah, who grandma Rose had never
met, rushed into the hospital emergency room door.
Sarah shivered, as she watched the hospital
personnel take her mother away on a stretcher.
"Where ar they taking mom?", Sarah asked her dad. be  continued.................................................
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